Memorex 7" Vinyl / Floppy Disk

Image of Memorex 7" Vinyl / Floppy Disk


Look! A really neat and pretty translucent blue 7" vinyl housed inside a real life vintage 8" floppy disk! Comes with crappy looking silkscreen (by Mr. Brandon himself) super shiny sticker, download code (for the songs) and big ass poster of Brandon walking barefoot through a sandy winter wonderland. Neat Huh? And all that crap fits inside a super fancy plastic sleeve, oooohh. And if you order right now, you could receive a piece of pie that may or may not arrive half eaten!!!

Preview both songs here
Side A. Darvon Cocktail
Side B. Leap Of Faith

Only 200 made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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